Monday, 19 August 2013

Update from Montana + A Point Of Interest

Dear blog readers,
Unfortunately I will not be posting the awesome blog full of pictures today about my camp in Whitefish Montana, which I promised two weeks ago.


Because I'm only half way through my training camp in Whitefish, the intra-web here sucks, and I'll be putting up an even-more awesome blog post next week--full of pictures--about the entire camp!! Stay tuned.

Before I get back to enjoying the many hours of training I've gotta do here in Big Sky Country, I have a point of interest to share!

Me, my teammate Seb Townsend and Quebec training center skier Dominique Moncion-Groulx are holding a fundraiser running race at Camp Fortune ski hill in Chelsea Quebec on September 7th!!! The proceeds from the race will help support the three of us in our continued pursuit of skiing excellence, but, most importantly, we want to have an event to help encourage younger skiers coming up through the system in our home region. To this end we plan to:
- lead the Juvenile/Midget age skiers in a warm up before the race
- do a talk after the race about what it's like training at a high level/at a training center in Canada.
- establish this race as an annual event to raise funds in the future for other local, highlevel Under-23 age skiers who don't have federal sport carding
- give out cool draw prizes after the race!

If you are in the area on September 7th and you'd like to race check out our Facebook Page for details and register on Zone4!

If you can't race but you think you'd like to help out with Volunteering contact me at

Anyway, check back next week for an awesome blog update about my adventures in the US of A!

Dream Big, People! 

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