Monday, 14 January 2013

Now in Europe!

For the last week, starting with the announcement of my appointment to the Canadian World Junior Champs Team at Trials in ThunderBay, I have been pretty busy.  I have not had too much time to breath between preparing for my departure to Europe, starting the new school semester and even fitting in a shift at Fresh Air!  While there has been much to do, there has really only been one thing on my mind: World Champs.  I’m still finding it hard to believe that I’ve actually made it--even while I sit here writing this in the common area of the Canadian U23/Junior Team’s lodgings in Ramsau am Dachstein Austria!!

To get to where I am now has been exciting per se.  Soon after leaving my house on the 12th I hopped on a plane bound for Toronto.  After that it was time for the 8hr flight over to the other side of the pond--a trip that I’ve never taken before!  The flight was pretty uneventful and, for my part, it was spent mostly in a state somewhere between sleeping and waking.  At the end of the flight we (me and the rest of the team) found ourselves in Munich Germany, where we enjoyed some fine European Cuisine from a little bakery at the airport.  Shortly after, we hooked up with Lisa Patterson (the Team Canada trip co-ordinator) and drove the 2hr drive into Austria.

So far we’ve been skiing twice on the beautiful trail system that we can access straight from our front door.  We will stay and continue to train on these trails until Thursday, when we’ll drive over to the competition site in Liberec Czech Republic.  One of the cool things about the place where we’re at now is that it’s a go to training site for many top level skiers; there are signed pic’s from Kikkan Randall, Alex Harvey and a bunch of other World Cup skiers on display in the main restaurant area!!

Currently, I have about an hour to kill until we make a snack run to Schladming.  So, what’ll it be?  Nap time?  Or sledding?  Being a ski racer isn't all work and no play!

Check out my new Twitter account for updates over the next couple weeks--I’ll try to post up some pictures of the beautiful scenery around here on it, so as to illustrate things a bit.

Dream big, people!!

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