Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Hey inter-web!!
Since the start of school I've been super busy with stuff like training, working, managing time very poorly and--well--school.  Ultimately, (and to my utter dismay) this has left me with less time to blog.  So, I don't have too much time to write today, but I'll give a quick update on what I've been up to in the last month or so...

At the start of September, the team (Nakkertok Train-to-Compete group) had a sweet intensity training camp.  Unlike most training camps, it was held locally, which gave us the opportunity to shred some sweet Gatineau park workouts.  For instance, we got to run the ever-painfully-fun Luskville Falls uphill time trial, which runs--you guessed it--up the Luskville Falls hiking trail.  It gains some pretty crazy elevation over the course of 2.some kilometers.  Unfortunately, I didn't post a PB, but I wasn't exactly expecting to since we threw down some crazy sprint simulations the day before.

Next up, after the camp, it was back to school for Zeke!!  Zeke doesn't always speak in third person, but when he does, he usually talks about school.  
This fall, school for Zeke is made up of two courses.  "What?!?  Only two courses!?!?" you say.  "Zeke must be absolutely horrible at time management!!"  While Zeke is somewhat insulted by this negative stance, he agrees that he is not very amazing at time management, but at the same time, he would like to point out that although he only took three courses last semester, he ace'd all three of them.  Zeke intends to add two more ace'd courses to the list this year.
Anyway, this year Zeke is taking Intermediate French, and a pure math course on Linear Algebra.   Both of them are full year courses, so that should be interesting.  Surprisingly, Zeke finds the French course harder.

...back to first person.  So, between these two courses, working at FAE like usual, doing some killer training like usual, and coaching the Chelsea Masters once a week, I've been pretty busy.  I did manage to throw in an informative session on goal setting for one of the younger groups at Nakkertok, one Sunday in September, which was cool.  Anyway, coming up to the end of last month, I was feeling kinda overwhelmed.  I needed something to get me back on track, and help me re-realize that my big goals for this season are all skiing related.  Luckily, that "something" showed up--and in the form of another training camp too!

On the last day of September, the Nakkertok team peace'd out en-masse for our third, and final, dry land training camp of the season, to be held in a sweet location.  Just to get things straight, by en-masse, I mean only six of us, and by sweet location, I mean Lake Placid.  This training camp turned out to be very productive with respect to both physical training, and technique training.  It also has seemed to help me refocus with respect to both training and school, so, a huge thanks goes out to my awesome coach for everything he did to make the camp possible (thanks K-dogg!!).
Anyway, I would really like to devote an entire blog post to Lake Placid, with pictures and videos and such, so suffice it to say, for now, that this awesome training camp involved sweat, blood, and tears, in varying quantities, and rain ridiculous quantities.

Look for a Lake Placid camp post coming soon; dream big, people!

*(sorry, no song this time)

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