Friday, 10 August 2012

Mountain Biking

Hello vastness-that-is-the-internet!!  It’s a rainy Friday today in Ottawa, and rainy weather is depressing.  Know what’s not depressing?  Blog post number five!!

The awesome thing about being a cross country skier is that, unlike in many other sports, there is a huge variety of activities that you can participate in for cross-training.  On any given Summer day, I could be swimming (actually I don’t really like swimming, so x that), rockclimbing, running, rollerskiing, mountain or road biking--and still be becoming a faster skier for it.  
Out of all these summer sports though, there is one that I enjoy doing more than the others, and that is... mountain biking!  If one were to ask a friend of mine about my association with mountain biking, the friend would probably say that I’m obsessed, in fact, obsessed to the point that my manic excitement over mountain biking events can be somewhat annoying.  So, in honor of my offseason obsession (and the fact that the olympic xc mountain bike race is coming up very soon!), I have decided to post a countdown of (a few of) my favourite mountain bike videos from around the web!!

Is there anything better than a sweet mtb ride with friends?

This is a cool twist on trials riding that I found a couple years ago.  Older video--still fresh.

Dh rider vs Moto rider?  Recipe for awesomness.

I had to include one of Danny Macaskill’s videos for the uninitiated.

This is a Point of View video of a warm up run done by the current world champ Dh rider.
The video isn’t sped up.

I just really like this video of Rilor Wilderness.

As far as editing+song+riding goes, this edit of a rainy Winter day in BC is Epic.

So there they are!  Hopefully this has made your rainy Friday less sad.

Until next time,

Dream big, people!

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